A personal vision on musicality and vocal technique that has evolved into a way of singing according to the method of Edward Hoepelman, which has been pursued and supplemented by Katrien Verheijden, Ingrid Zeegers and Ivar Costenoble. This international technique has led countless of successful singers to perform on stages all over the world.

The man behind A Way of Singing is Edward Hoepelman. His experience as a singer and his fate of having been struck by a spasm in the attachment muscles of his vocal cords, have led him on a journey for answers through the existing vocal methods. With passion and drive he fully submerged himself into the art of vocal coaching, which generated a completely unique perspective on how to develop the vocal potential of professional singers. His singer’s intuition and deeply rooted belief in the unique sound of every voice, has helped him guide his vocal students towards discovering the full potential of their instruments and having faith in their capabilities. He is tirelessly enthusiastic to get to know a voice and help it grow. Edward and his team encourage their students to always search for new depths and let their voices sound freely.

We believe in every singer’s unique voice and work hand in hand with each singer to help them reach their full vocal potential. The singer’s talent and his/her musicality is our source of inspiration. At all times the instrument is our main focus, along with the development of all the different vocal modes and colours. The singers will learn to use those modes in a safe and healthy way, so they can utilize their full vocal capacity to give their own personal interpretation to the music. That’s how unique instruments come to be that are completely mastered by the singers themselves, in service of their performance practice, both musically and theatrically. We focus on all different genres: classical, jazz, pop/rock, musical theatre, contemporary, etc.

We consider singers/performers singing souls, and in our eyes that requires a custom made vocal training that ensures you can reproduce the desired vocal result at any given moment. Our way of singing has brought forth countless of successful vocalists, who are currently performing all around the world. The core of our method is having faith and finding true depth in your own unique voice, so you can use it in any way you desire.

We would like to thank Isabeau Bosscher for the translation of our website in English.