Edward is the most unique and best vocal coach I know. During the workshops that I give, both here and abroad, I can always tell if someone has been trained by him. Healthy, versatile and flexible voices. All with a fantastically authentic sound. His students radiate a certain kind of confidence in what they’re doing. As a spectator you can simply lean back and enjoy. His students are on top or will get on top! And besides him being a magnificent teacher, he is also a very warm and bright man and I love him for it

I can honestly say that without Edward and his team – that follow his method – I would never have been able to do what I do now. What’s special about his way of singing, is that it doesn’t just focus on one aspect of the voice. Thanks to that I’ve been able to play so many different kinds of roles. Because of Edward and his team, I get through those 8 shows a week. I’m crazy about them.


Edward Hoepelman has the incredible talent to know how someone’s voice will sound years later. So the only thing you have to do as his student is have faith in that. And that’s not a difficult thing to do, because he creates a safe learning environment. Years and years of studying and experience, but most of all an incredible passion and an enormous drive are the foundation of his success. Edward and his team have guided me to find MY voice. And I am eternally grateful to them for that!



Even in Vienna Edward’s name is often mentioned, especially when talented Dutch singers turn up at auditions. The way we have been trained by him remains very special to this day. Nothing else compares. Edward has always been a leader in the vocal landscape and in musical theatre his name carries a lot of weight. I am often asked in Vienna: “How come you Dutchies sing so well? Particularly the belting; why is that so easy for you?” And my answer is always very simple: Edward Hoepelman.


Edward gave me my voice. He taught me his technique, gave me the confidence I needed and helped me find my own sound, power and passion. Without Edward I wouldn’t be where I am now. I am eternally grateful to him for that.




Foto: Roy Beusker

For years I have worked as a director all across Europe. I asked various musical supervisors that I work with, why it is that the strongest belt voices always seem to come from Dutch soil. They all gave me the same answers, without thinking for even a second: Hoepelman! Do I need to say more?




About 5 years ago, during the preparations for my role in Sister Act, I would drive to Tilburg 3 times a week to take lessons with Edward. Not only was he my vocal coach, he would also lend an ear whenever I’d feel insecure, tired or frustrated with my progress. Thanks to Edward’s lessons I faced the rehearsal period with great confidence and I’m so thankful for that!


Edward is an extraordinarily devoted vocal coach. He has a warm heart that lifts you up as both a singer and a human being. He also challenges you out of your comfort zone, making sure you face the workfield as flexible as possible. But most importantly, he helps you find your strengths and gives you a healthy dose of confidence. Edward gives you tools for your career that are worth their weight in gold.


Edward and his team work with great care to help develop a voice as broadly as possible. Learning to sing in a safe and trusting way. Without Edward’s guidance, I wouldn’t have been the singer I am today. He is a vocal magician and one of the most devoted teachers I know. He and his team are the best!



Singing is so much more than just hitting the notes. Singing is finding your own voice, having faith in it and becoming one with the music. A great gift that Edward Hoepelman has taught me.




In my years of experience as musical director of the Vereinigte Bühnen Wien and countless productions, I have come to the conclusion – time and time again – that Edward’s students always have a very specific, special sound, a great artistic talent and an excellent preparation of the repertoire. So it’s no coincidence that in many of the big productions Edward’s students make up a large part of the cast. At castings they always stand out from the competition. He is one of the best vocal coaches in Europe!


I have pleasantly worked together with Edward and his team for many years. Each and every one of his students are great singers. They know their instrument and use it with confidence. It’s wonderful to work with as a director: his students often master a broad range of vocal styles, from classical, musical and contemporary to pop and rock music.


I have said it many times, and will continue to say it to anyone who will listen: Edward is a wizard. This man, with a heart of gold, has helped me truly know my voice from inside out. His incredible technical knowledge, passionate way of teaching and – not forgetting – his sense of humor, have brought me to where I am today. Without Edward and his team that would never have been possible. I am eternally grateful to him and the school. I’d like to leave you with Edward’s favourite word: “Kattenvals” (helps me dó sing on key now)…


Without Edward and his team I wouldn’t have made it in the musical theatre business. They have literally opened the doors for me. Their vocal method still brings me so much every single day and I am eternally grateful to Edward for that!



I was standing on stage, about two years after graduating, and suddenly it hit me – something Edward had said during a singing lesson. Developing your personality is just as important as developing your instrument. By advancing and challenging your strengths, you become the singer only YOU can be.




Edward Hoepelman is an extraordinary vocal coach that helps talented singers grow beyond their own expectations. His mission is to pass on his knowledge at the highest possible level. With his unique skills, vision, devotion and drive he – and his team – gives wings to his students. That’s why I’ve been enjoying working with him for years and why many of his students star in my productions.



The musical theatre program at the Conservatory of Tilburg has given me a very important foundation that helped me become a successful professional in theatre. The teachers have taught me an amazing vocal technique that empowers and enables me to sing big parts night after night and enjoy it. After almost 15 years of experience in the business, I am still so very grateful to them!



List of Singers / actors with whom we have been allowed to work:

Addo Kruizinga – Alyssa Luypaert – Amanda Simons – Andre van Hest – Angela Schijf – An Lauwereins – Anna Ägren – Annabel van Casteren – Anne Appelo – Anne Deliën – Anne Heddes – Anne Stalman – Anneke van Meurs – Annemarijn Maandag – Anne-Marijn Smulders – Annemarie Lauretta – Annemieke van Dam – Anne Wil Blankers – Anouk Snel – Anouk van Laake – Anouk van Duifhuizen – Anthony Kamerling – April van Amelsvoort – Arjan Lienaerts – Arjan van Twisk – Ashwinta Vermeulen – Babette Ploegmakers – Barbara van den Eerenbeemt – Barbe van den Brand – Bart van Veldhoven – Bas Timmers – Bas van den Klundert – Bastiaan Sparnaay – Bente van den Brand – Ben van Vugt -Bertram van Alphen – Brigitte Heitzer – Britt Koole – Burcin Keskin – Carlos de Vries – Carolina Dijkhuizen – Celinde Schoenmaker – Celine Purcell -Chantal de Brouwer – Chantal Janzen – Charlotte van de Plas – Christanne de Bruijn – Christian Schleicher – Christof Chapsis – Claire de Jong – Dagmar Rijff – Daniëlle van de Griendt – Daniëlle Veneman – Debby Boekema – Deborah de Groot – Deborah De Ridder – Diederick Ensink – Diego González-Clark – Dieter Troubleyn – Dirk Postma – Dorona Alberti – Eefje Thomassen – Eliane Feijen – Elindo Avastia – Eline de Jong – Eline Havenaar – Eline Selie – Elise Doorn – Ellen Evers – Erwin Aarts – Erdmuthe Kriener – Esmee Dekker – Eva van den Dam – Eva van der Kraan – Evi Mastbooms – Evi Déjean – Ezra van Nassauw – Fanny Drenthe – Fenneke Suurmond – Floris Devooght – Florian Peters – Florian Sigmund – Florian Slangen – Floris van Gulik – Floor Janssen – Floor Krijnen – Frank van Hengel – Frederike Schonis – Frederique Sluyterman van Loo – Freek Bartels – Freek Heuvelmans – Froukje Zuidema – Gerben Grimmius – Gerben Timmermans – Ger Savelkoul – Geert Peters – Goele De Raedt – Guido Gottenbos – Guus Boswinkel – Hanneke Engels – Hanneke Vos – Hedwig van Leuven – Hiske Bongaerts – Ianthe Tavenier – Imke Heitzer – Inge de Weerd – Inger van der Zanden – Inge Ipenburg – Ingrid van den Nieuwenhuizen – Iris Oppatja – Isabeau Bosscher – Isabelle van Gelderen – Janis van Dorselaar – Janine Kitzen – Janne Snellen – Janneke van Duinhoven – Jacqueline Govaert – Jan Schepens – Jasmine Jaspers – Jasper van Dijk – Jasper Verheugd – Jeffrey Italiaander – Jeroen Aarts – Jeroen Molenaar – Jennifer van Brenk – Jeroen Aarts – Jeroen Dekkers – Jeroen Robben – Jeske van de Staak – Jessin Oulad El Hadj – Jobbe Hoebink – Jochem Smit – Joey vom Grumbkow – John ter Riet – Jolijn Henneman – Jonas Bouckaert – Jonathan Demoor – Joost van der Aa – Juliëtte Bull – Jurgen Brehm – Jurko van Veenendaal – Juta Bolsius – Kaily van Starrenburg – Karen Poinet – Karoline Blöcher – Käthe Staallekker – Katrien Smets – Kelly van den Boogaard – Kikki Vanhautem – Kimberly Nieuwenhuis – Kristel Klaassen – Kristel Vercraeye – Laura Engel – Laureen Peskens – Lauri Brons – Leonie Hermans – Lesly van Eldijk – Liesbeth Gresnigt – Liesbeth Janse – Lillian Maandag – Linda Veenhuizen – Linda Verstraten – Linde Kersbergen – Lisanne van Veen – Liss Walravens – Lois van de Ven – Lotte Stevens – Lotte Verhoeven -Luc Steegers – Lynn Jansen – Maarten Smeele – Maike Boerdam – Mara Kers – Mara Peters – Marc Krone – Marcel Visscher – Marcella Heukels – Marieke Bresseleers – Marieke Goemans – Marijke Loopers – Marijn Bellaard – Marijn Brouwers – Mark Seibert – Mark Luykx – Marle Martens – Marlies Bloemen –Marlies Ruigrok – Martin Stritzko – Mart van den Hout –Martijn van Voskuilen – Mathias Edenborn – Martijn Fischer – Martijn van Baardewijk – Martijn Noort – Matthew Michel – Mats Lodenstijn – Maureen Mac Gillavry – Melle Kunst – Meren Verhaegh – Merlijne Noppen – Michelle Nijenhuis – Michelle van de Ven – Milan van Waardenburg –Mirjam Sengers – Miriam Venema – Mischa Kiek – Moniek Boersma – Nadia Hlavaj – Nadine Bastiaansen – Nadine de Boer – Nadine Termeer – Nandi van Beurden – Natalia Druyts – Nathalie van Gent – Nicole Hermans – Niels Jacobs – Nienke Latten – Nienke van Horen – Nina van Overbruggen – Noortje Hezemans – Oedo Kuipers – Paul Donkers – Paul Walthaus – Pearl Jozefzoon – Pepijn van Bokhoven– Petra Clauwens – Peter Lusse – Peter Stassen – Petra Ellenbroek – Pien van Gerven – Pippi-Lotte Maessen – Rafaël van der Maarel – Remko Harms – René van Kooten – Richard Spijkers – Rick van den Belt – Rick Sessink – Rik van de Rijdt – Robin van den Akker – Robin Reitsma – Roel Dullaart – Roel Vankerckhoven – Ronald Jorritsma – Roos van Breukelen – Rory Six – Rosalie de Jong – Rose Anne van Elswijk – Roy Goldman – Ruben Van Keer – Ruud van Overdijk – Sake Wijers – Sander Eckhardt – Sander van Voorst tot Voorst – Sander van Wissen – Sander Volders – Sandor Stürbl – Sandra Coelers – Sanne Mielo – Sasha Ter Mors – Saskia van de Staak – Shanna Slaap – Silvia Robbemont – Simone Breukink – Sofie Dirkx – Sophia Tops – Sophie Mefan – Sophie Stravens – Sophie Veldhuizen – Stef van Gelder – Stephanie Casneuf – Stephan Mooijman – Stephan Peters – Steven Roox – Suzan Seegers – Terence van der Loo – Tessa Brockhoff – Thalyta De Prins – Thijs Kobes – Thijs Oudenhoven – Thom Hoffman – Tineke Blok – Tineke Ogink – Tjade van Zwanenburg – Tobias Berroth – Tom Wesselink – Tom van der Ven – Ton Peeters – Ton Sieben – Trudy Veldhuis – Valéry van Gorp – Veerle Sanders – Violetta Lazin – Vivianne van de Boom – Viviënne van den Berg – Walter de Kok – Wieneke Remmers – Wietske van Tongeren – Willemien Dijkstra – Willemijn de Vries – Willemijn Maandag – Yalan Lips – Yannick Plugers – Yoran de Bont – Yoshua van den Broek